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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Photo Collage Shadow Box

This project is a few years old but one of my favorites. I wanted to do something different for my mom on mother's day. (BACK STORY) My maternal grandmother passed away when my mother was 12 and a few years after her death my grandpa remarried. After my grandpa pasted away my mom's stepmother gave her a box of old photos of her real mother and of her family. Inside the box was an old locket that was my real grandmother's it had picture of my grandparents when they were in high school. My mom left the pictures in the box and put the jewelry away in her jewelry box and that was it. So i decided I wanted to do a photo collage for my mom using some of the pictures and display the locket in it. I scanned and printed out all the photos so I didn't ruin any of them and used some scrapbook decorations and glued them all into a shadowbox. I figured the safety pin was a cute way to display the locket so it had some movement and could be removed at anytime. The copied pictures from the inside of the locket underneath it cut into a heart like the locket. I also put in pictures of my mom's stepmother since she was part of her life for so many years. My mother adores it and was very happy that the locket could be displayed in some way with out being ruined from wear.

If you look closely you can see my Grandmother signed the pic of herself in the bottom right corner.
( I love it)

I found these little gold frames and drilled a hole through each to the back of the shadow box. Then just used wire to attach them.

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