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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ellison's Garden Nursery

First off my daughter was my inspiration for blogging!  While designing her nursery I can't even begin to tell you how many blogs I looked at for creative ideas. I wanted to secret garden/princess theme that wouldn't be too babyish , Finding colors that blended in with the burgundy colored carpet. I'm not a fan of non neutral colored carpet..but didn't have the funds to replace it at the being thrifty I made it work and work well! I decided to paint a tree on the wall with the help of my very crafty mother who did the outline. I then cut out many many many leaves for the tree...a silhouette machine would have saved me a ton of pain but at the time I was unaware!
Getting back to the leaves I cut them out of scrapbook paper and used plain white school glue to adhere the leaves to wall. After nailing up the birdhouses I thought I should bring in a few birds so went to Michael's craft store and put a tiny nail in the tree branches and clipped the birds to the nail. I added some butterflies from Michael's around the room as you can see.(I pulled out the metal clips and used some double sided craft tape to stick the butterflies up.) The curtains gave us some trouble by us I mean my mother and myself. My mommie is the greatest she is a seamstress and wants to choke me most of the time. See I have the ideas and I beg her to sew it for me. I can sew but NOT well at all and it take her a lot less time then it would if I tried to sew. For the curtains I was going to try and build a valance box but wanted to be able to take it down to wash so instead we used a hula hoop..yes I said hula hoop. We cut it in half and drilled holes though the hoop and sunk a screw in the wall wiring the hoop to it. The swag behind it was not supposed to be there but I didn't think ahead enough to realize the ceiling in my head was a lot taller than it actually is...Whoops its works though! The rose was made from wired ribbon and just tacked onto the valance top, and then hooked onto the wall.

 It has turned out to be the perfect little nest for my sweet baby!

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  1. Pretty nursery! I have all boys and always wanted to do a sweet girl's nursery.