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Monday, February 21, 2011

My Mommy Story

This Mommy's story goes as follows:

 Young woman goes about her life is single, working full time supporting herself and spending time with friends, family and enjoying herself every minute.

Young woman and roommates do not have a functioning lawnmower so roommates talk woman into asking ex beau who lives a block away to please help. Which ex beau gladly does then young woman keeps getting phone calls at work and at home making small talk and asking to get together for a date and to hang out. Woman finally says yeah sure why not...4 months later having been shot with Cupid's arrow woman has relocated to her beau's house!
Young woman and slightly older young man are happy and in love! Except marriage didn't come next they skipped that part and got a surprise. See young woman thought she just had the stomach flu...
(note you are looking down past my belly to my basically obscured sock monkey slippers.
This was 5 months along, found out long before that but there are no pictures I was sick almost every day for 20 weeks straight!)

On my May 16th 2010 the young woman became a MOMMY to a little girl Ellison Marie

The woman could not have comprehended the amount of love she felt for this little person.
Ellie (we call her that for short) means everything to her mommy and daddy and makes them the happiest two people on the planet.

Ellie is laying on her papa's belly (My Dad) she loves him this much!

The best is yet to come raising their sweet baby and the young woman figures they are half way to their happier every after as soon as now pudgy woman loses the baby weight and can squeeze into an IVORY dress!

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  1. Hi Tracy! Welcome to blogging! What a fabulous story and what a BEAUTIFUL baby girl!!!
    I guess I get to be your first follower! :)